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JUNIOR & YOUTH Competitive

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This program was developed for children ages 10+ (not excluding adults). Youth Competitive students are encouraged to participate in this program as they progress and gain experience in the sport, in order to refine their fencing skills.

Students compete at local and regional competitions. However, they’ll compete in national competitions as they progress. This program includes coaching at local competitions. Additional fee will be added for regional and national youth circuit competitions. Once students reach this level, one or two private lessons a week are recommended at an additional charge.

USA Fencing competitive membership is required $85 from August 1st to July 31st.


Our Elite Program is designed for students who want to or who are already competing regionally, nationally and internationally competitions. We’ve designed our programs to be fully inclusive of the various activities required to produce competitive fencers, including tournament coaching and the flexibility of weekly classes to encourage training and success at competitions.

Students must attend a minimum of 3 classes per week and take one or two extra private lessons a week at an additional charge.

USA Fencing competitive membership is required $85 from August 1st to July 31st.


Junior Program Includes:

• Up to 4 classes a week

• One or two private lessons of 25 minutes a week 8 or 16 per term depending on your group

• Tournament coaching at local competitions. (Not regional, national and international tournaments)

Key Terms of Service:

• Members will book your recurring private lessons times with the office at the start of your term.

• There is a 24-Hour Private Lesson Cancellation Policy.

• It is members’ responsibility to cancel lessons in case of inability to attend.

• Lessons and classes will expire within 7 days day it was schedule. It is your responsibility to book make-up lessons in case of club closures for holidays (or other reasons).

• It is members’ responsibility to book Make-Up Lessons for any “Early Canceled” lessons.

• Inform the office staff or coach upon arrival that you would like an extra lesson if a coach is available that day.


From the grassroots to the competitive strip all the way to the Olympic podium … TOGETHER, the collective strength of more than 40,000 USA Fencing members drives the future of our sport. USA Fencing is focused on our mission of fostering the growth, participation and development of domestic fencing at all levels. Your USA Fencing membership connects you to the fencing community and makes a difference in the sport.

USA Fencing membership is required by all individual members of USA Fencing Member Clubs who utilize the USA Fencing insurance program. Competitive memberships are required to compete in any USA Fencing sanctioned event (exception are Access members. They can compete in local tournament without upgrading.) The membership year coincides with the fencing season, which occurs between August 1 and the following July 31. Membership dues are not prorated at any time.

Non-Competitive: $15/year
Access: $25/year
REQUIRED FOR THIS PROGRAM > Competitive: $90/year